“Even as a child, paper was magical to me.
I knew these blank sheets, combined with a spark of imagination, had the power to capture everything I loved about the world.”
As the daughter of a Hollywood model maker, Holly Anne Blake was born with creativity in her blood.
Beginning her career in London, UK, she cut her teeth in the Art Department on movie franchises like James Bond and Harry Potter.
During a Degree in Illustration at the University of Brighton she began to fall in love with paper as her ideal medium, collaborating with The Maccabees to bring paper art into their first ever music video.
For Holly, paper was a versatile, intricate and impactful medium, and soon she was committing thousands of hours to this painstaking – and truly remarkable – form of art.
But, like any artist, her path didn’t always run smoothly.
Somewhere along the way she got stuck. Stuck in an uninspiring job. Stuck with a crippling mortgage. Stuck in a six year relationship with a boyfriend who didn’t believe in her.
So what does a paper artist do in this situation?
Rip it up.
Rearrange the pieces.
Create something beautiful.
So one morning she left it all behind, boarding a one-way flight to Bali in pursuit of her true calling as an artist.
Travelling ever since, she uses remarkable destinations as inspiration for her works.
Living and working between London and the far east, Holly has captured a sense of true romance in her work. From statement prints to unique wedding stationary, every piece contains a feeling of freedom, of beauty, of life’s true adventure, all created by hand from a myriad of individual paper pieces.
Whether at your wedding or in your home Holly hopes these qualities greet you every time you see her work.
“I’m a dreamer. A romantic. I want to capture places that mean the most to people around the world, not just visually, but with that feeling you’ll never forget.”