Spanish Destination Wedding: Spotlight on Finca Monasterio, Sotogrande

Aerial view of Finca Monasterio in Spain showing terracotta roof tiles and palm trees surrounding the main building.

One of my favourite things about being a wedding stationer is discovering incredible wedding venues all over the world thanks to the couples I work with that commission me to create artwork of their venue. I love poring over photos and using Google Maps to explore a venue's surroundings; imagining what a destination wedding in that location could be like for the guests and wedding party who get to build a fun-filled vacation around the happy couple's nuptials.

Without exception, all of the venues I've had the privilege of recreating in paper have been beautiful, but, sometimes I'll encounter a place so spectacular and perfect for a dream wedding that I keep thinking about it long after the commission is complete. 

Finca Monasterio is one of those places: a breathtaking wedding venue nestled in the heart of southern Spain, near Sotogrande. A place where history, nature, and romance intertwine seamlessly to create a wedding venue that manages to combine tropical sumptuousness with spellbinding romance. 

A Glimpse into Finca Monasterio

Before I share the wedding stationery that I created for this venue let me introduce you to this hidden gem, Finca Monasterio. This stunning venue is a paradise for couples seeking a fairytale destination wedding in Spain. The estate is surrounded by rolling hills and lush greenery, making it the perfect canvas for a romantic celebration. The 18th-century monastery, with its gorgeous architecture, turquoise pool and serene courtyards, blends old-world elegance with effortless luxury. It's easy to imagine dancing under the moonlight, in gardens fragranced with the scent of jasmine and orange blossom. 

The Creative Process

Before I get completely swept away in a Finca Monasterio daydream, let me tell you about how I created the illustration of the venue. This piece of art started its life as a bespoke commission and the couple I was working with wanted an aerial view that captured not only the venue but also the beautiful scenery that surrounds it. This meant I had to work extra hard on the perspective and also include lots of small, delicate details so that the unique features of this enchanting venue would be evident in the finished collage. 

A close up detail of a hand made collage of Finca Monasterio in Spain made by Holly Anne Blake

I used the edge of a ruler and various shades of brown, orange and terracotta paint to create a textured paper that I could use to create the effect of roof tiles. I love how this stands out against the various shades of green that make up the trees and foliage in the background. 

The Stationery Suite

Now that the collage of Finca Monasterio is complete, and the illustration has served it's original purpose, I have been able to apply this image to various ready-made stationery items which will be perfect for those couples that choose this venue in the future as the setting for their special day...

Save the Dates: These serve as the first glimpse into the magic of Finca Monasterio. The colourful collage of the venue on these cards immediately transports guests to the enchanting location.

A hand holding a colourful save the date featuring an illustration of Finca Monasterio by Holly Anne Blake

Invitations: The invitations, featuring the same stunning collage, can be paired with RSVP cards, a custom map, information cards or even envelope liners to create a sumptuous stationery set that sets the stage for the celebration.

On the Day Items: To complete the experience, the illustration can be applied to orders of service, welcome signs, menus and a multitude of other on-the-day items to keep the theme going across all the printed materials associated with the wedding. 

Memories to Treasure

Of course, after such a wonderful wedding, no couple will want to forget what is almost certain to be one of the most memorable days of their lives. I've created a print of Finca Monasterio which can be personalised with the couple's names and wedding date and kept forever - a perfect piece of wall art to commemorate a perfect wedding day. 

Personalised Finca Monasterio Wedding print

If you're planning your wedding at this magnificent Spanish venue, I hope you'll consider choosing this stationery that I've had the privilege of creating. It's not just paper; it's a piece of art that tells the story of your love and the magical place where your marriage began.

If you are getting married elsewhere and would like to find out more about the process and prices of my bespoke commissions then please contact me at

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